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Contactless Restaurant
Menu Service – Ok2See RM

QR code menu can be so much more than a static page or pdf replacing a menu card, here is what we invented 2 years before Covid

Allergens filters

Remove all menu items for which you are allergic (customer health first)

PRO translations

Get your menu directly in your own language (No App. download)

Dishes images and videos

Brain processes images and videos 60000 times faster than written text (Better sales)

Just read a QR Code to get a dynamic and optimized menu for mobiles.

Menu hygiene has never been more important and CONTACTLESS digital menus are a sustainable solution for years to come!

Clients’safety first!

Contactless Hygienic menus + Allergen filters + Cuisine types filters (Halal, Vegetarian, …) + Professional + translations.

No App. download required for the client

No Website required from the restaurant!

Online Contactless Menu DEMO

Ok2See Restaurant Menu online


Just scan this QR Code to open a dynamic, interactive and potentially translated menu!

Ok2See – Digtial Restaurant Contactless Menu
Menu service is provided by TransConnector SA