Novalo Professional Translations and localization

Localization, translation & copywriting - Multilingual digital marketing

Professional Translations localization

Our services and solutions:

  • Documents and websites professional translations and localization for technical and specialized content into more than 30 languages (websites innovative translation tools , software applications, apps, video-games, technical documents, manuals, marketing and media kits, etc.)
  • Various language services (language consultancy, proofreading of Spanish texts, style and content editing, etc.)
  • Multilingual digital marketing (SEO and SEM campaigns in various languages, copy-writing in Spanish and other languages, multilingual social media maintenance, etc.)

A company from Malaga with over 12 years of experience, with offices in Malaga, Seville and Madrid. We offer our services in over 30 languages and to companies and institutions of every kind.
For website design creation and customer effortless translations we do recommend our historical partner IDT S.L.

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